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Supreme Court Enforces Mandatory Civil eFiling; Initiative Takes Effect Sept. 1

No Paper Accepted in Civil Filings Starting  Sept. 1

By Michael K. Jeanes, clerk of the Superior Court of Maricopa County

To secure compliance with its directive for attorneys to eFile in civil cases in the Superior Court in Maricopa County, the Supreme Court has directed the Clerk’s Office not to accept paper filings from attorneys in civil cases, effective Sept. 1.

Civil cases must still be initiated on paper; however, subsequent documents must be eFiled through AZTurboCourt unless an exception defined in a Supreme Court Administrative Order applies. eFiling applies to general civil cases, not the subcategories of civil cases such as probate and family cases.

While the court’s vision is for eFiling across all case types statewide, mandatory eFiling for attorneys is limited at this time to general civil cases in the Superior Court in Maricopa County and cases where individual judges order eFiling.

Individual attorneys who have not yet done so are encouraged to register and file through AZTurboCourt now. It is difficult to establish an eFiling account in one day due to the requirements of assigning roles in the eFiling system and to verify payment accounts before an eFiling can be submitted. Register with AZTurboCourt online at

What Will Happen to Paper Documents?
The following procedures will carry out the court’s directive for enforcement: File counter clerks will return attorney-submitted post-initiation civil case paper documents to the person presenting them at the file counter and provide a notice that the document must be eFiled through AZTurboCourt.

Attorney-submitted post-initiation civil case paper documents received by U.S. Mail or in the depository boxes will be discarded. The submitting attorney will be notified by email that the paper document was discarded without being filed, pursuant to the Supreme Court’s Administrative Order (AO) and that the document must be eFiled through AZTurboCourt. A copy of the AO will be attached to the email notification and a copy of the email will be sent to the Administrative Office of the Courts for compliance monitoring.

The Clerk’s Office will have a form available for attorneys to request a good cause eFiling exception from the Superior Court, as provided in the Supreme Court’s AO. The presiding judge of the Superior Court will designate a judicial officer to consider an attorney’s request for an eFiling exception.Specific details on requesting an eFiling exception are included in the court’s AO.

The Clerk’s Office notified the process servers of these changes at a recent quarterly meeting and notified the legal community of the change in the Clerk’s monthly electronic newsletter, The Brief, in July, August and September.
Reminders were posted on the Clerk’s Facebook page ( and through the office Twitter account (@MaricopaClerk). To receive the Clerk’s news and updates by text message to your mobile device, text “Follow MaricopaClerk” to 40404.


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